THE STAR NEXT DOOR - Minh Tinh Nhà Bên

  1. KIM Sung-wook
  2. HAN Chae-young, JIN Ji-hee
  3. Korea
  4. Drama - Comedy
  5. 2017
  6. 98

So-eun, a 15-year-old K-pop lover, receives terrible news; GOD Ji-hoon, a leader of K-pop band ‘Sense’, is dating a popular but much older actress Hye-mi. Hye-mi is So-eun’s neighbor but also her very special mother. When young, Hye-mi gave birth to So-eun. But she keeps it secret to continue her career. While So-eun is hiding her existence not to ruin Hye-mi’s reputation, she decides to become an online hater to keep her idol away from her mother. But it is not easy to hide So-eun’s secret from her friends, as Hye-mi’s scandal gets a bigger deal. Will So-eun successfully break them up?