SIDESEEING THE MOVIE - Là Mây Trên Bầu Trời Của Ai Đó

  1. Nguyen Quang Tâm, Thanadet Pradit
  2. Ngọc Lan Vy, Push Puttichai, August Vachiravit, James Bhuripat, Trịnh Tú Trung
  3. Vietnam-Thailand
  4. Comedy
  5. 2022
  6. 90

★ Released in Thailand in July by this country's biggest cinema operator - Major Cineplex
★ The first commercial co-production of Vietnam and Thailand
★ Starring Ngoc Lan Vy - Little Miss Universe 2018, alongside the two international famous Thai actors including Push Puttichai (Ugly Duckling, The Fallen Leaf) with over 4.5M followers and Pee Nak's star August Vachiravit (Love Sick: The Series) with over 1.9M followers
A young wealthy girl flees from her controlling parents and spends lots of money to meet up with her movie idol in Thailand. While running away from her parents’ bodyguards, she bumps into a charming motorbike taxi driver who eventually makes her hasty escapade the most unforgettable.