MOTHER LIKE FLOWERS - Cuộc Chiến Của Hạnh Phúc

  1. Zhang Duofu
  2. Xu Qing , Lin Yongjian , Wen Shenghao , Xue Qiqian , Wang Xiaochen , Chen Shaoli , Zhu Yuanbing , Ding Liuyan , Zhao Nina
  3. China
  4. Series
  5. 2015
  6. 40x45'

The drama tells the story of cancer patients optimistic and brave to face the story of life and death. Zhang Xingfu is a 45-year-old middle school teacher, should have a happy home Family life, but by chance she learned that she had end stage cancer. Zhang Xingfu intends to hide his family from the treatment of life, with the last hundred and eighty days of life to help her husband, son, brother, mother and so arranged life, after a person quietly greet death. But her strong and anxious and did not get the family with, but triggered a series of ridiculous story. In the process of Zhang Xingfu and his family running together with each other, she knows how to understand and listen to others, but also rediscover the meaning of life and love, to understand the decisive choice of death is not really brave, in order to seize their own family All hope to live, only to make life more happy possible. Eventually she met the terminally ill, chose to fight with the disease in the end