MEET THE IN-LAWS - Chạm Mặt Thông Gia

  1. Jin-yeong Kim
  2. Sae-byeok Song, Si-young Lee, Yun-shik Baek
  3. Korea
  4. Drama - Comedy
  5. 2011
  6. 118

When cartoonist Hyun-joon (Song, Sae-Byeok) falls in love with Da-hong (Lee, Si-young), one of his fans, it sets up the archetypal battle between their two families, who are from rival regions. Hyun-joon comes from the politically liberal Honam region (North and South Jeolla) while Da-hong comes from the conservative Yeongnam region (North and South Gyeongsang). When the two declare their intention to marry, they are confronted with a seemingly endless number of barriers that threaten their happiness.