1. Bá Vũ
  2. Kim Tuyến, Băng Khuê, Hồ Vĩnh Anh
  3. Vietnam
  4. Film Production
  5. 2015
  6. 99
  7. Vietnam, Cambodia, Malaysia
  8. 08.05.2015 (Vietnam)


My Lan was assigned to a drama school to complete her final directing course. Here, many strange, mysterious, and frightening incidents kept haunting the young teacher, resulting in her spiritual damages and serious injuries.  She didn’t know that they were just mischievous and cruel pranks by a group of students led by Thien Tam, who liked to play ghostly games to tease people. Those ghost stories turned out to relate to Thien Tam’s fate and haunt her when she and her boyfriend, Khuong Duy, caused an accident and left a pregnant woman on the road. From that night, the spirit of that woman constantly came to ask for Khuong Duy’s life, and more horrifiedly, Thien Tam always felt there’s an invisible child following her asking for its mother.