ACCIDENTALLY DAD - Nắng 3: Lời Hứa Của Cha

  1. Đồng Đăng Giao
  2. Kiều Minh Tuấn, Khả Như, Ngân Chi, Oanh Kiều, NSND Hồng Vân
  3. Vietnam
  4. Drama
  5. 2020
  6. 109
  7. Lotte Cinema
  8. 06.03.020

The successful doctor Tung Son accidentally meets his one-night-stand lady via a silly car accident. She claims that he is the biological dad of her daughter 7 years ago and takes advantage to get his money for gambling. The DNA test confirmed the kid is not his child when he realizes the daughter is unfortunately diagnosed with last-stage cancer and he is compatible for her spinal cord transplant. The moment he makes the choice of saving her or not, the unexpected truth starts to reveal.