THE WISH - Điều Ước

  1. Carsten Myllerup
  2. Jonathan Lindinger, Helmer Solberg, Marie Boda
  3. Đan Mạch
  4. Series
  5. 2015
  6. 24x26'

Every year, in December, angels can walk the earth (almost) like regular human beings. They are here to help us and battle evil forces.
In a modern and rather dysfunctional family, 12-year-old July has always felt a bit different and is better at playing football than studying at school. This year, she only wishes to spend Christmas with her family – her whole family – but realises that her plans for a perfect family are going to crumble when she learns that her dad is not her real dad.
Raf, an aspiring young angel, is sent to earth to help her. It’s his last chance before being expelled from angel training. If he fails, he will be sent back to a human condition…