FAMILY HEIST - Gia Đình Đạo Tặc

  1. Pascal Bourdiaux
  2. Jean Reno, Reem Kherici, Camille Chamoux
  3. FR
  4. Drama - Comedy
  5. 2017
  6. 91

Carole is an introverted computer analyst who still lives with her mother.

Caroline is a rebellious pickpocket who plies her trade in the luxury hotels along the Côte d'Azure.

The two young women don't know each other and have nothing in common. Nothing, except for their father, who disappeared before they were born and whom they've never seen. Until the day that... Patrick suddenly turns up! This international thief, who is hunted by police forces around the world, has had a brush with death, which has led him to decide to make up for lost time and bring his two daughters together around a common goal: to steal a Stradivarius worth 15 million euros.
Between blunders, amateur tactics, and spats between his two daughters, Patrick quickly understands that this robbery is going to be no work in the park - and may even be bad for his health.